A Dancer’s Distress: The Achilles Heel

Ballet is a beautiful artform that requires the utmost grace and athleticism. Although the performance often appears effortless, this is far from the reality. The process is quite strenuous on the body and requires precise attention to technique and form in order to avoid injury.

The prevalence of injury in ballet is high. According to Milan and colleages (1994), 65-80% of ballet injuries occur in the lower extremity, and often times, the pain is felt at the foot and ankle. Additionally, Achilles tendinitis and flexor hallicis longus tendinits tend to be very common in dancers.

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Perfect posture never goes out of style

How would you like to reduce back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, improve digestion, reduce headaches, have more energy, look more attractive, and improve self confidence?  Sounds like an ad for some sort of gimmick or magic pill, right? The truth is, there is no magic pill,  miracle crystal, special diet cleanse, new massage technique, […]

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Push those strollers, mamas (and dads)!

A recent study published in the Journal of Women’s Health Physical Therapy states that pushing a single or double stroller at 3.0 mph resulted in a mean absolute intensity of 4.8 METs (single stroller) and 5.3METs (double stroller), meeting the requirement for moderate activity.

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